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Kids Cotton Tights

Footed tights, full leggings, cotton pantyhose, leg warmers..

Whatever you want to call them, we've got them at low prices

At Kids Cotton Knits we believe that girls should not be limited to only wearing pants during cold weather. A pair of comfortable and warm girls tights is a perfect compliment to winter dresses and skirts. They also go well with iceskates!

...dancing uniforms

...or just for fun

You can choose the tights in a color that matches your school's uniform for a subtle fashion statement.

At Kids Cotton Knits you will find tights for children of all ages - from infants to teenagers.

Our childrens tights are made out of one of the best fabrics nature has to offer, therefore your kids will feel comfortable even after wearing them all day long. You can read more about cotton by clicking here.

Our tights are footed,
              include a square back panel,
                                    and have flat seams for a comfortable fit.


At our store you will find a variety of patterns to liven up any outfit.