3 Technological Trends in Today’s Casino Industry

At this time, technology is an inevitable driving force across all sectors. Recent developments in artificial intelligence, virtual reality, and 5G growth have resulted in enormous improvements in improving functionality, flexibility, and personalization. While the casino market has been in existence since the 17th century, exciting technological advancements have led to the growth of various mobile gambling tendencies like the online casino malaysia and customer-geared adaptations seen in land-based casinos. With that in mind, here are a few of the digital advancements that continue to shape the casino industry’s future.

Artificial Intelligence and Robotics

CardOne robot has managed to catch professional gamblers in the casino industry through innovative programming using artificial intelligence. In case you are wondering how a robot can defeat even experienced specialists: Deepstack, the poker robot, discovered the essence of the game and then refined its playing strategy. Without allowing emotions to get in the way, it avoided making any irrational decisions that typical poker players tend to make. Also, hotels with casinos have iPad menus, rating kiosks, and little robots that bring towels and toothbrushes directly to your room.


Online Gaming and Mobile Technology

Along with social media integration, real-time leader boards, and competitive tournaments, online casinos are finding new ways to expand their target markets. The proliferation of cell phones, laptops, and tablets makes accessibility a priority for players who want to play online casino games from home comfort. With a selection of virtual games now utilizing live dealer options, players no longer have to go to online casinos.

Chatbots and Customer Support

If it has to do with providing online providers, chatbots are becoming familiar enough for several casino companies. Some casinos have gone a step further with interactive chatbots, such as the Cosmopolitan’s first text message called Rose. Research following Rose’s implementation shows that chatbots are successful in the casino industry. She automatically answered 80% of guest questions, and guests were guaranteed to be 33% satisfied at the end of their stay after using the chatbot system.…