Best Writing Tools You Can Find Online

Writing and composing is not everyone’s ideal profession because nowadays, some people find it commanding, exhausting, and even dull if the paper is too long. There are several free applications and writing tools that you can easily use to create the best files, essays, searches, Internet articles, and more. Or you can buy custom search online creativity tools in almost any art and style you want. These tools will save you a lot of effort and time and enable you to practice writing and compose less responsible work.

Here are the best programs and applications that give you the best results and get the most out of your writing:


magnifying glassGrammarly is one of the best, if not the best, score tests on the Internet. It is exceptionally adaptable and is available for the online processing of various applications and requests. There is an entirely free version of the app to meet your primary writing needs. But, if you need more expert composition and further in-depth editing, you can climb to the top of Grammar for a price.

ProWriting Aid

When you load the Writing Aid document, the created reports are incredibly essential to incorporate text quality and useful opinions based on length decisions. It is the most excellent free text authoring software you can utilize for editing, as it contains many integrations of software like MS Word, Chrome, Google Docs, Open Office, and Scrivener, making editing an advantage for you.


If you are looking for a free alternative that works as a word chip, LibreOffice is the right tool for you. It isn’t effortless and provides different types of file compositions, both easy and complicated. These are toolbar symbols, and the standard and honest menus, but without the ribbon function, are provided in Word.


An appealing design article is an ultimate goal for any author with a design-related goal in mind. Design programs like Adobe InDesign are costly, so Scribus is here to execute your work more manageable.


Freemind is one of the best applications for writing research articles or university thesis because it serves as a writing and editing program and offers the possibility to write your ideas creatively.

Google Docs

It is preferable to write articles or research documents that are supposed to be exchanged online, considering the ease with which online exchange is possible. This tool has a word count, and this can be vital when working on a piece that requires a word count target.…