The Worst Disney Villains

The villains will live the story of this hero. They say the hero has problems, and he has to overcome them. This is where the villains come in. They will do their best to make the protagonist as good as the worst. Cruella DeVille, Scar, and the evil queen are two or three villains whose behavior makes their characters more beautiful and, at the same time, enhances their films.

It’s not easy to get angry, even if it seems like an easy job. It requires a level of dedication and consistency that some can’t achieve. There are criteria to consider when weighing objectives and measures. The score is as follows: Would they try to kill someone? That’s all, what effect did it have on this film and once they did? If they didn’t do it, are they evil? Or what qualifies them? Is the friend wicked or foolish? Is Iconic the bad guy? Are they unforgettable, or have they forgotten? Is something falling? Are they wonderful? To know more about villains, click here: https://tn.com.ar/show/basicas/cuales-son-los-villanos-mas-populares-de-la-historia-del-cine_1075937.


Finding Nemo is a fascinating film because it differs from the Disney villain type. Everything that influences the film is chosen by this film. If you’re still at Disneyworld, don’t miss a picture in Bruce’s mouth. He’s trying to repair his addiction to eating fish. He wants to change the way he kills fish as soon as Dory’s nose bleeds, but his predator instincts are getting stronger.

He is anchoring the hammerhead shark, his friends, and Chum, a mako shark, to stop him, even though Bruce is trying to kill Marlin and Dory. They’re great friends, but not for someone who’s on a rascal class. Bruce is one of Disney’s bad guys. His personality is written to be narrative, character-sized, and his story is articulated to build a character. The difficulty with Bruce is that while he clings to his lapel, he doesn’t. As a villain, he doesn’t cut it, even though he was an enemy.

Henry J. Waternoose

Waternoose uses children’s phone calls to drive to Monstropolis, but what can you expect from a monster? Kidnapping a child where he chooses his evil is his henchman, using the creature Randall. He wants to study an indispensable machine to increase the amount of electricity he receives from children. Darkness is not offered to the unsuspecting, but even if it’s that bad, he must hide his actions. Until he solves the problem of kidnapping, he’s a monster.

Waternoose does all this? If he stays in Monstropolis, he wants to save his little business. But he’s got it all wrong. His intentions are great. It could be Sulley, though he’d be more prominent if the monster got help. The problem with Waternoose is that if you look at this man in the movie, your first instinct is to remember Randall, not him. That’s horrible for a rascal.


It is if you don’t remember Auto, the HAL-type device that makes the ship work for your human. You have not noticed a figure like WALL-E and Eve, even though it has a presence. It may be able to “kill” WALL-E, but in a place where there are repairs and standing machines, it cannot do so in the long term. Auto’s targets are controversial. One page says he’s doing exactly what he planned and is not going to implement the “no go home” policy. The other side says he currently expects people to continue to depend on him and technology so that he remains in charge.

The reason he’s your henchman is to keep politics intact. Or to stay in power. You’re not weak, on the contrary. The problem with Auto is that it’s not part of the movie. If you want to find an image where a computer breaks down and you can take it with you, watch 2001 or even Alien: A Space Odyssey.…